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What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody?

Child custody is one of the most contentious matters couples fight about in family court. Questions and disputes regarding custody arise in divorce, paternity, and grandparent rights cases, among other matters. The court can order joint or sole custody. Joint custody gives parents an equal say in their child’s life. Courts order sole custody when […]


5 Things to Remember if You’re Up Against False Accusations in Court

Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic abuse, adultery, and drug or alcohol abuse are not uncommon in divorce and child custody proceedings. Some people believe these allegations will give them the upper hand in custody or divorce battles. They may even obtain a temporary restraining order on false allegations.  If you are facing false accusations in […]


Can I Modify My Child Custody Arrangement Without Going To Court?

Many people have informal agreements about how they will parent their child and which parent gets to spend time with the child. In these situations, the parents can make adjustments as they see fit. However, these arrangements do not have the enforcement power of the court. To have a formal child custody arrangement modified, you […]


Divorce Rates By Demographics in Georgia

Over the last several years, divorces in Georgia have been increasing rapidly. But the rate of divorce isn’t equal across every group of people in the state. Looking at data that breaks down divorce rates by demographics in Georgia can provide insights into the factors that may impact the longevity of your marriage.  Young Women […]


How Separate Maintenance Works in Georgia

Strictly speaking, Georgia does not offer a formal legal status called “separation,” notwithstanding the fact that many Georgia couples are, in fact, separated.  What Georgia does offer, however, is a legal action it calls “separate maintenance,” which is essentially the same as a legal separation. What Is Separate Maintenance? Separate maintenance can resolve the following […]


How Can a Father Get Full Custody of Their Child?

Child custody battles in Georgia can be a complicated process with emotionally taxing experiences. They can be incredibly challenging for fathers. Historically, mothers were often favored in custody decisions. Thankfully, times have changed. Fathers now have a better chance of gaining full custody if they meet specific criteria. This guide offers strategies to help you […]


7 Signs It Is Time For a Divorce

Deciding when to get a divorce is a personal and intricate decision. While well-meaning friends and family may offer advice, only you and your partner truly understand your relationship’s complex dynamic.  When Is It Time to Get a Divorce? In this comprehensive and accessible blog post, we will delve deep into the key signs that […]


5 Factors That Affect Child Custody Decisions in Georgia

When parents divorce or separate, child custody is often a central focus of the legal proceedings. Parents may agree on the terms of a custody agreement. However, when parents disagree, the court must make custody decisions for them. Judges do not give parents a preference in child custody cases. All custody cases are decided based […]


Does Georgia Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Marriage is one of the few institutions that has been around longer than courts have. In ancient times, marrying couples couldn’t simply go to the courthouse and sign a marriage certificate. In other words, back in those days, all marriages were common law marriages. Believe it or not, a few common law marriages still exist […]


Yes, You Can Date While Separated in Georgia, But Here’s the Catch

Do you want to date someone before your Georgia divorce is final? The good news is that no law on the books makes it unlawful to date while separated in Georgia. However, that is not the only issue that you need to consider.  Dating while separated could potentially impact the outcome of your divorce. Therefore, […]

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