When life changes, child custody arrangements may need to change also. At Bardley McKnight Law, our dedicated child custody attorneys have experience helping parents’ seek adjustments to their custody or divorce agreements. Whether you wish to move with your child due to a new job opportunity or due to a change in your child’s needs, a committed Douglasville child custody modification lawyer could provide valuable guidance.

When Can I Modify My Custody Arrangement?

Once custody has been determined by court order in a divorce or custody action, a judge may modify custody if it is shown that since the entry of that order, there has been a material change in circumstances that substantially affects the interests and welfare of a child that warrants a change in custody. When deciding to modify custody from one parent to the other, the judge must determine whether a change is in the child’s best interests. An experienced custody adjustment lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law could help you prove that your desired change is what is best for your child.

How is “material change in circumstances” defined? There is no single answer to that question. Some of the most common instances that may result in a modification of custody include:

Job Relocation

A change in the custodial parent’s employment that requires them to relocate and the relocation will make the other parent’s visitation significantly more difficult, impractical, or even impossible to exercise;

Child Election

A child reaches the age of 14 or older and wants to live with their other parent. It is important to note that the election of a 14 year old child of a sibling group to live with the other parent may impact custody of all of the children, especially if all of the children wish to live with the other parent.

Changes in Your Child’s Needs

A child’s academic performance, mental, physical, or emotional health may warrant a modification of custody

Change in Your Parental Capacity

A decline in the physical or mental health of the custodial parent, substance abuse, or emotional instability may warrant a modification of custody

Failure to Comply with Current Custody Arrangement

A custodial parents’ refusal to follow a custody order by constantly hindering or repeatedly denying the other parent visitation may result in a modification of custody.

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