Issues surrounding child custody can be contentious during a divorce or custody action. The best visitation schedule takes into account the parties’ work schedules and the children’s schooling and extra-curricular activities. A seasoned custody attorney can help parties come up with a customized parenting and visitation schedule for your children.

If you are facing issues involving child visitation, now is the time to seek legal counsel. Acting as your own attorney is too risky, especially in such high-stake circumstances involving your children. Before you attempt to resolve things on your own, it is beneficial to discuss your options with a Douglasville visitation lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law.

Types of Visitation Rights

There are different kinds of visitation rights that the court could award, with some of these rights being more common than others. It is imperative to understand the options available before beginning the visitation process. A skilled Douglasville family law attorney can help you pursue a visitation schedule that is in your child’s best interest.

Scheduled Visitation

Scheduled visitation is the most common type of visitation in Douglasville. With scheduled visitation, the non-custodial parent has visitation with the child on specific dates, during specific time periods. This could include weekends, holidays, or other special events. Parents are encouraged to work out changes to the visitation schedule as needed by mutual agreement. If the parties are unable to mutually agree to changes, they must follow the visitation schedule as court-ordered.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is required when there are concerns about a child’s safety while in a parent’s care fitness. This type of visitation involves a neutral third-party being present during visitation. The goal is to ensure the child’s safety while providing them with the opportunity to build a relationship with their parent.

No Visitation

While the courts endeavor to provide non-custodial parents with liberal access to their children, a judge has an obligation that visitation with said parent is not contrary to the child’s best interest. On order of no visitation is uncommon and typically only occurs in extreme situations (i.e. drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, sexual/mental/emotional abuse, etc.).

Modifying Visitation Orders

Once a visitation schedule has been established via court order, either parent may seek to modify the visitation schedule once every two years after the initial child custody order was entered.

Call a Committed Douglasville Visitation Attorney Today

While the prospect of dealing with visitation issues with a co-parent might seem overwhelming, the reality is that parents resolve these issues amicably all the time. Reaching an agreement on these issues could be your opportunity to move on to a new, better stage of your life.

Let experienced legal counsel help you resolve visitation issues. Get in touch with a determined Douglasville visitation lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law now.