When child support is established via a court order, the judge expects the parties to strictly adhere to the terms of that order. Unfortunately, there are instances where a parent fails to comply with an order for child support by making inadequate payments, unreasonably delaying their payments, or refusing to make payments at all.

A dedicated Douglasville child support enforcement lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law can help you enforce your child support order by aggressively pursuing the child support arrears, and in many instances, an award of attorney’s fees. Our compassionate child support attorneys will provide you with valuable guidance throughout every step of the process and safeguard you and your children’s needs and interests.

Income Deduction Orders

The best way to avoid child support enforcement issues is to have the parent pay their child support obligation via an Income Deduction Order. An Income Deduction Order allows the child support payment to come directly from the parent’s paycheck in order to cover their monthly child support obligations.

Wage Garnishment

One of the most powerful tools available in a child support enforcement case is a wage garnishment. When several missed payments have mounted, the court can order the delinquent payments be seized directly from that parent’s wages and paid directly to the other parent to satisfy the child support arrears.


Pursuing a contempt action is arguably the most aggressive form of child support enforcement. A contempt action is typically used when all other efforts have been exhausted. A judge has several options after concluding that a parent is in willful contempt for failure to pay child support as court ordered. The judge could order the parent to make a lump sum payment toward the arrears, order monetary sanctions, or even order the nonpaying parent to jail time. A dedicated child support enforcement lawyer in Douglasville could help a parent navigate challenging and stressful child support contempt hearings.

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When the other parents fails and refuses to make timely child support payments, let our Douglasville child support enforcement lawyers aggressively pursue your child support arrears and the other parent’s full compliance with the order.

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