A high-asset divorce (also known as a high net worth divorce) involves significant and high-value assets such as real estate holdings, closely-held business interests, stocks options, deferred compensation, assets held in trust, etc. Understandably, the more assets involved, the more complex the divorce will be.

High-asset divorces are more challenging as there is a great deal at stake. High-asset divorces also have unique challenges that must be addressed before marital assets are equitably divided.

Navigating high-asset divorce cases is difficult without the guidance of a seasoned family attorney. The dedicated legal professionals at Bardley McKnight Law can assist with evaluating rare assets while ensuring that the other spouse is acting in good faith. Let our Douglasville high-asset divorce lawyers help you protect your rights throughout the course of your divorce.

Difficulties in High-Asset Divorce Cases

In addition to the issues that arise during any divorce, couples with substantial assets face an array of other challenges. These issues are largely based on valuing and liquidating rare or expensive assets. A committed Douglasville high-asset divorce attorney will serve as an advocate during this process.

Full Disclosure

One of the cornerstones of a fair distribution of marital assets is full disclosure. If both sides are unclear on what assets the other holds, it is impossible for the court to make an equitable division of marital property. A skilled lawyer can assist to uncovering hidden assets and will ensure that the other spouse has fully disclosed all of their assets and debts.

Property Valuation

Valuating marital property is a part of any divorce, however, high-asset divorce cases often include rare and highly valuable assets that are difficult to put a dollar value on. Some objects are so rare that there is no way to place an objective value on them. Others are worth so much that there is little in the way of prior transactions to place a reasonable value. A proactive attorney could seek advice from experts that are able to determine the value of such assets.

Liquidation Challenges

Even if the value of an asset is well-established, that does not mean it will be easy to liquidate. Some high-value assets—including art or real estate—often have a limited pool of potential buyers. The inability to liquidate these assets could make it difficult to fairly distribute the marital assets. A knowledgeable attorney will help in making that determination.

Closely-Held Businesses

Closely-held or family-owned businesses can be at risk when they are subject to division in divorce proceedings. In many cases, these businesses would not survive if forced to divest assets or otherwise split into multiple entities. A diligent attorney could help resolve these issues.

Why Privacy is Valuable

Most people going through a high-asset divorce value and want to protect their privacy during the process. For that reason, it is often a good idea to rely on a high-net-worth divorce lawyer in Douglasville when settling divorce issues out of court.

Mediation is a useful tool in these cases. Mediation involves both parties sitting down with a neutral facilitator. A strong and knowledgeable mediator can help parties reach an agreement outside of court in order to maintain their privacy. This prevents disputes from becoming public issues when high-asset divorce cases play out.

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It is important to have strong legal counsel during a high-asset divorce. The issues that can arise are unique, and the outcome could dramatically impact your financial future.

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