The mediation process is a great way to help parties reach a fair resolution to their divorce or custody battle.

Mediation involves the parties working with a neutral third-party to work out your differences. In mediation, parties can address all of the important issues involved in their divorce without the need for costly litigation. Let a Douglasville mediation lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law advise you throughout the entire process and help you reach a compromise with the party. An experienced divorce attorney at our firm is ready to help you move forward with your life.

The Benefits of Mediation

There are so many valuable benefits to the mediation process. Mediation is not a formal court proceeding and is not open to the public. That way, parties can resolve their divorce and custody disputes privately and outside the view of the public.

Mediation is also more cost-effective. Litigating a divorce is timely and costly. By reaching a full agreement through mediation earlier in the process, parties can save money.

During mediation, the parties have more control over the outcome of their case. The parties have the opportunity to work through their issues at their own pace. This is very different from a trial, where the judge has the final say over every aspect of the case. Mediations are largely successful because of the preparation done by legal counsel before hand. This is why it’s hugely beneficial to have legal counsel on your side who specialize in finding solutions during this stage of the divorce process

When Is Mediation Appropriate?

Mediation could be a good option for divorcing couples at any stage of the process.  In some instances, mediation is more effective when it occurs before an action has been filed. By resolving most or all of the important issues upfront, parties can reduce their costs and avoid common delays.

A trial can be difficult and expensive, which is why many parties agree to try to resolve their differences during mediation first. In fact, most judges will order the parties to attempt mediation before proceeding with a final trial.

Regardless of when mediation occurs, it can lead to a resolution of the most important issues in a divorce. This includes dividing marital assets, determining if alimony is necessary, and reaching an agreement on child custody and support. A committed mediation lawyer in Douglasville could assist with all of these issues at any point in the process.

Speak to a Douglasville Mediation Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you are facing the end of your marriage or are already involved in divorce proceedings, mediation could be right for you. This option could help you avoid the painful conflict of a divorce hearing and resolve your case in less time.

A skilled Douglasville mediation lawyer could help you take advantage of the mediation process. Call Bardley McKnight Law today for more information.