The term “family law” brings to mind the concept of divorce for most people. A Fairburn family lawyer can provide you with crucial guidance in many situations outside of the divorce process.

No matter the issues you face, you deserve to find peace and move past your family conflicts. A committed attorney at Bardley McKnight Law could assist you during every stage of the process while providing you with competent and compassionate counsel.

What Does a Family Attorney Do?

There are many areas in which a Fairburn family attorney could provide guidance. While these issues often involve divorce, others are related to the custody of minor children. Some common examples include:


Dissolving a marriage is easily one of the most common reasons for people to hire an attorney. Some divorce cases are more complicated and challenging than others, given that no two marriages are identical. A dedicated Fairburn Divorce Lawyer can assist with resolving issues like high asset property division or spousal support. Often, a lawyer is able to help resolve a divorce case without the need for drawn-out, complex litigation. This approach could save married individuals time and money as they dissolve their legal relationship.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation disputes often arise between married and unmarried parents alike. In either case, the courts have the power to decide how child custody issues should be handled. Both parents have the right to seek visitation, but neither parent is guaranteed the outcome they desire. Instead, it is up to the family law judge to determine the custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. Once custody is decided, the non-custodial parent could be awarded visitation rights with their children. This visitation could be supervised or unsupervised.

How a Family Attorney Can Help

Attempting to dissolve a marriage without the guidance of a seasoned legal professional could have devastating financial consequences. There are strict requirements that come with filing for divorce or securing custody of a minor child. Taking this challenge on alone is an unnecessary risk.

An attorney can do more than guide a case through family court. The guidance of strong legal counsel could provide a person with peace of mind during a difficult time. With the right approach to the case, a family lawyer could help Fairburn residents resolve their issues with their spouses to complete the divorce process and focus on moving forward in life.

Call a Fairburn Family Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you are facing issues regarding divorce or child custody, you deserve legal counsel that is prepared to fight for your rights. Results-driven attorneys with experience handling family law matters could help you secure the outcome you deserve.

Now is the time to seek out guidance from a Fairburn family lawyer. Call as soon as possible for a private consultation with one of the compassionate attorneys at Bardley McKnight Law.