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Are you considering a divorce in Douglasville, GA? Do you intend to seek custody of your children or obtain a fair property division that allows you to maintain your quality of life? You deserve a skilled family law attorney to help you reach your goals.

Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers is a Douglasville and Atlanta Area boutique family law firm comprised of highly skilled litigators, masterful negotiators, and educated support staff. Our legal team has over four decades of combined experience in family law.

We’ve successfully guided our clients through some of the most challenging seasons of their lives, including divorce, child custody, and paternity. And we can do the same for you.

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“The service was awesome! My attorney kept me informed timely every step of the way. All staff were very pleasant and they all worked hard to ensure they were prepared to represent me in the best way. This was my second time using Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers and I highly recommend others who need a family lawyer to use their law firm services. ”

Michelle B. Douglasville, GA

“Everything went so smooth throughout the beginning of this relationship. From the initial disvovery phone call with Tammy to the actual consultative call with Melaniece. Her expertise is top notch and not once did she make me feel uncomfortable. I love the facth that every step has been open and transparent. Very professional.”

Michael G. Douglasville, GA

“I just got off of a 15 min phone consultation with Melaniece and learned more in the short time with her than I had in a 1 hour, $200 consult I had elsewhere. She was professional and made me feel less lost and empowered in something I never expected to be facing. Highly recommend. ”

Meghan D. Douglasville, GA

“I had a wonderful initial consultation with Attorney McKnight. I want the best and that is what I feel I will receive with her and her law firm. She was very honest, direct, and seems to understand the right direction to navigate a difficult divorce proceeding! She made me truly think about my past, present and what I want for my daughter and my future. I feel she and her law firm has the presence to get the job done.”

Heidi J. Douglasville, GA
Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers - Divorce and Family Law Offices in Douglasville, Georgia
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As experienced Douglasville family lawyers, we know our clients need support at all stages of their divorce or legal matter. Therefore, we only take on a select number of cases so we can provide personal attention to every client.

Our skilled attorneys develop a customized legal strategy for each client based on the unique facts and circumstances of their case. Our goal is to resolve each case civilly and expeditiously without compromising results.

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Common Questions

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Divorce and family law cases can be complex, and you likely have many questions. Our attorneys will patiently address all of your questions and concerns. We’ll explain your rights and educate you on the process for resolving your family law issue. Below, we answer some common questions about family law.

Divorce & Family Law Firm in Douglasville, GA

Who Will Get Custody of the Children?

Georgia courts make child custody decisions based on the best interest of the child or children of divorcing parents. However, there is a presumption that a child benefits from having both parents in their lives. The courts use many factors to identify the best custody and visitation situation for the child.

Our attorneys can help you advocate for a custody and visitation plan that prioritizes your relationship with your children and satisfies their best interests.



What Kind of Property Division Can I Expect After a Divorce?

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. This means the court and parties must divide marital property equitably (but not necessarily equally) upon the dissolution of the marriage. The court can consider many factors when determining the proper property division.

Our legal team can advocate for a fair property split that allows you to maintain that what’s most important to you. We’ll work for a division that helps you maintain your quality of life.

Can I Get Alimony After My Divorce?

Georgia law does not require divorcing spouses to provide alimony/spousal support to their former partner. However, the parties can agree to provide alimony as part of the divorce settlement. You may even be eligible to receive alimony while your case is pending.

Our attorneys have extensive experience negotiating for fair spousal support payments. We can help you pursue an alimony amount that will allow you to maintain your quality of life.

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