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Family law practitioners help people navigate some of the most difficult situations they will experience in their lives. That’s why the seasoned family attorneys at our firm combine legal skills with empathy, compassion, and pragmatism.

If you plan to marry, divorce, or wish to establish legal and physical custody of your children, an experienced Douglasville family lawyer could be an invaluable ally. Schedule a consultation today to learn how one of the dedicated legal professionals at Bardley McKnight Law could help you.


“We help people going through a divorce or custody battle protect what is most important to them: their children, their assets, and their future!”

- Melaniece Bardley McKnight
Experienced Family Lawyer in Douglasville

Bardley McKnight Law is a Douglasville and Atlanta Area boutique family law firm comprised of highly skilled litigators, masterful negotiators, and educated support staff. We have successfully guided our clients through some of the most challenging seasons of their lives. Our family law attorneys are highly respected for their hard work, compassion, and grit in handling various family law cases. Our goal is to help our clients move forward with dignity, respect, and confidence after a divorce or custody action. We invite you to discover how we may be of service to you.

If you are looking for a skilled family lawyer in Douglasville, our legal team is here to help! Here are links to some of our most popular services: child custody, child support, and alimony for a peaceful legal experience.

So if you are looking for a dedicated family attorney in Douglasville, call us today and see what a difference we can make.

Our Services

Our mission is to obtain the best possible outcome for you in cases involving:

child custody
child custody
modifications of custody
modifications of custody
equitable division of marital assets
equitable division of marital assets
Child Custody

Legal Matters Involving Children and Custody

Family law emphasizes nurturing and preserving the relationships between family members, especially those between parents and their children. 

Child Custody and Parenting Plans

When parents separate, the court expects them to cooperate in co-parenting their children to the best of their abilities. Parents must create a parenting plan that establishes:

  • Where the children will reside
  • How much time the children will spend with each parent
  • How the parents will reach decisions about the children
  • How the parents will resolve differences of opinion regarding the children
  • And various other aspects of life as single parents

One of our committed family lawyers in Douglasville could provide valuable assistance to parents working through these difficult issues.

Paternity Issues

Circumstances may arise that require a parent to prove or disprove a child’s paternity. A mother might seek to prove paternity to gain access to child support, or a father might seek to establish parental rights over a child. The process of establishing paternity could be daunting without assistance from a knowledgeable legal professional.

Who We Are

Meet our team of dedicated and highly-skilled family attorneys whose top priority is achieving a positive case result for our clients. We provide exceptional and personalized legal representation for those dealing with complex familial matters such as divorce, child custody and support, visitation schedules, spousal support, and much more.

Melaniece Bardley McKnight
Founder, Lead Attorney
Brittany Nicole Young
Associate Attorney
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Associate Attorney
Andrea Higgins
Office Manager
Brittany Smith
Cheyenne Wentz
Client Care Specialist
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Intake Specialist
What our clients say
There is not enough words to express the gratitude that me and my family have for Ms McKnight and her team. For three years we stood strong, we battled , and EVERY court case we won! More importantly we where able to give my son the help that he needed thanks to her services. We never lost a court case and we won the most important one that gave me primary custody of my son, for that I am forever in debted to you. If you are looking for a team that will be just as invested in the end result, look no further. She is a no nonsense legal warrior that stays prepared for every battle at hand.
Bardley McKnight Law is very professional and helped us understand what we were dealing with in our custody case in the State of Georgia which is very different from the legal system in Louisiana. Their online portal made it very easy to communicate, upload documents and receive comments and replies quickly and efficiently. Ms. Melaniece Bardley McKnight was very attentive to our specific needs and the circumstances in our case and moved quickly to file our case even working during the holidays. When it was revealed that we were better off filing our case in Louisiana, she quickly referred us to an attorney in Louisiana and still maintains contact with us to make sure our needs are being served. I would highly recommend Bardley McKnight to anyone who needs legal counsel in child custody and family law in Georgia.
In this season in life you need people who will go the extra mile with the utmost professionalism coupled with compassion and concern. Attorney McKnight and her entire staff went above and beyond for me. Attorney McKnight and Attorney Young advocate for what's right in the best interest of their client which in my case was my young son. They understand you are in a difficult position with high emotions and often trepidation about the legal process, however they make it their mission to guide you through every step of the way. I highly recommend Attorney McKnight and her staff without a shadow of doubt.
The attorneys of the Bardley McKnight Law firm who handled my case were supportive, understanding and consummate professionals. Throughout the entire process, they exhibited professionalism and understanding, keeping me informed at every step of the way and giving me the support I needed at a difficult time. Attorney McKnight and her staff went above and beyond expectations. The outcome was even better than I had expected and hoped; I was very pleased with the outcome of my case.
We had a case that we pushed for years. This year McKnight and her team pushed and pushed and we won. It’s been a long journey but we got the victory. This law firm is everything. From phone calls to zoom meetings etc. this team was there for anything we needed. If you are looking for a firm for custody PLEASE reach out to them. I love y’all over at the Bardley McKnight firm.
Attorney McKnight is the BEST!!! Completely took care of me... The staff Tori and Andrea were great as well.. I had a child support issue and I couldn't get the folks at DCSS to even listen to me. Attorney McKnight took my case and I didn't have to say one more word to the case worker. She handled everything all I did was sign the paperwork and walk away. Much love and respect for the professionalism and sense of urgency. I highly recommend this law firm!

Seek Advice from a Caring Douglasville Family Attorney

Many of life’s major events require legal advice and guidance. A skilled Douglasville family lawyer offers practical counsel to help you achieve your personal goals and protect your loved ones. Schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation with a compassionate attorney at Bardley McKnight Law.

Divorce Settlements

Ending a marriage is a turbulent process that triggers various emotions, even when the parties mutually agree to dissolve the relationship without blaming one another. A family lawyer in Douglasville could guide a person through the process of disentangling from the relationship and moving forward to start their next chapter of life.

When a divorce is contested, an individual should seek steadfast legal counsel as soon as possible. A well-practiced attorney could protect a spouse’s rights against any attempt by the other spouse to wield an unfair advantage.

Marital Agreements

Much of a Douglasville family attorney’s work concerns aiding with affairs around marriage. Consulting with a legal professional before and during the marriage could help an individual or couple avoid the more challenging aspects of a legal relationship or an eventual divorce. Courts will enforce written agreements between two spouses addressing matters such as property division, debt division, and alimony.

Pre-Marital Agreements

A pre-marital agreement (commonly known as a pre-nuptial agreement) could greatly simplify a couple’s divorce if the marriage does not endure. Courts will enforce a pre-marital agreement if both parties enter it willingly, fully disclose their assets and debts, and it does not unfairly benefit one party to the extent of being unconscionable.

Post-Nuptial Agreements

A married couple might use a post-nuptial agreement if they contemplate a change in their relationship. Although many couples use these agreements to prepare for divorce, they could also be useful if a spouse receives a difficult diagnosis, a child becomes disabled, or a party owns a business or professional practice that they want to preserve as individual property.

Post-Divorce Modifications and Disputes

Former spouses do not always adhere to their obligations after a divorce, and sometimes it is necessary to pursue legal action to enforce an order a court issued as part of a divorce decree. In other cases, circumstances might change, requiring a couple to seek a modification of their divorce settlement.