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About Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers – Divorce Lawyers in Douglasville, GA

About Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers – Divorce Lawyers in Douglasville, GA

Why Choose Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers?

Our legal team is comprised of highly skilled litigators, masterful negotiators, and well-trained support staff. Our top priority is achieving the results our clients deserve and have come to expect.

We provide exceptional legal representation with a personal touch because we recognize our clients are going through one of the toughest times in their lives.

We don’t aid in destroying relationships during the litigation process. We understand how important it is to our clients to preserve (and, when necessary, help establish) their relationship so they can effectively co-parent their children.

We work with our clients to develop customized case strategies to aggressively achieve their desired results while preserving their assets.

Award-Winning Family and Divorce Attorneys in Douglasville

“We help people going through a divorce or custody battle protect what is most important to them: their children, their assets, and their future!”

Our compassion is matched by our dedicated representation on your behalf. We handle various cases involving familial relationships, including:

  • Child Custody: In the best of all worlds, parents put differences aside and do what is right for their children. Balancing your child’s needs and your parental rights requires the skill and care we offer.
  • Equitable Division of Marital Assets: Anything acquired while you were married—from cars to kitchen utensils—is a marital asset. However, not all marital assets are split 50/50. Our equitable division attorneys will fight to get you everything you deserve.
  • Alimony: Alimony (spousal support) is intended to maintain the lifestyle that a spouse enjoyed prior to divorce. In Georgia, there are guidelines to help determine alimony eligibility and awards. We’ll make sure that what is fair is also fair for you.
  • Legitimation: The father of a child born out of wedlock who has neither married the birth mother, legally adopted the child, or received a final paternity order, must file for a Petition of Legitimation for custody or visitation rights. Let us assist you in obtaining those rights.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements can help you protect your assets and protect you from a spouse’s debt incurred prior to your marriage. It is a “peace of mind” agreement.
  • Child Support: While child support is largely based on an equation, there are many factors that come into play. We’ll help to achieve the right outcome for you and your children.
  • Modification of Custody: Relocation, remarriage, medical issues, or job changes may necessitate a modification of a custody agreement. When life happens, we can help.

Our Beginnings

Founding Attorney Melaniece Bardley Davis was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. She earned her law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law

Attorney Davis founded Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers in 2017 to help people navigate some of the most difficult times in their lives. She has a unique ability to approach emotionally charged family law cases with a calm focus to put clients at ease. That’s what makes her a top-rated family law attorney.

Since founding Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers , Attorney Davis has hand-picked a team of highly skilled attorneys and paralegals with the same high level of commitment, focus and sincerity.  Whether you’re dealing with divorce, child custody, division of marital assets, alimony, or other family law concerns, our team will tirelessly advocate on your behalf and provide you with personalized solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Over 40 Years of Combined Experience in Family Law Matters

At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers, our talented team of Douglasville family lawyers has over 40 years of combined legal experience. We can help with any kind of family law matter, no matter how complex.

Whether you’re contemplating divorce or are getting married and considering a prenup, we can help. We want to protect you, your children, your assets, and your future.

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If you need assistance with a family law issue in Douglasville, Georgia, Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers can help. Our compassionate and dedicated attorneys will be your strongest ally and resource when navigating the legal process. 

Contact our Douglasville family law attorneys today to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation at (470) 308-5409.

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Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Divorce Lawyers
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Douglasville, GA 30134
Phone: (470) 308-5409

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Clients can find our law office near Douglas County Museum of History and Art at 12461 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 470. Few blocks away from dowtown.

Douglasville Divorce Client Review

The team at Bradley McKnight Law really go the extra mile for their clients. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to family law. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for the past couple of months and they have done an amazing job. They have been well prepared every time we step in the court room. They actually listen to their clients and formulate a plan based off your needs. They are hands down the best I’ve ever seen.
Marcus Manning.

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