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At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers in Douglasville, Georgia, we offer unwavering support and advocacy to fathers. 

Our commitment to fathers’ rights runs deep. Our mission is clear: to empower you to assert your rights and safeguard your precious relationship with your children. When collaborating with Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers, you’re not merely selecting a legal representation. 

You’re engaging with a dedicated team of seasoned Douglasville family law attorneys. Our team expertise has amassed over 40 years of collective experience in family law.

When you hire us, we’ll champion your rights and advocate for your role as a loving and responsible parent. Our team understands that each case is unique. So, our experienced Douglasville fathers’ rights attorneys approach each case with a personalized strategy crafted to suit your circumstances. Contact our office today or call (470) 348-1726.

How Can Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Help You Assert Your Rights as a Father in Douglasville, GA

How Can Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers Help You Assert Your Rights as a Father in Douglasville, GA

Your rights as a father are real, and they deserve respect and protection. Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers is here to make that a reality. As your Douglasville fathers’ rights lawyers, we will:

  • Assist you in establishing paternity
  • Negotiate your custody agreement to maximize your time with your children
  • Help you petition for modifications to your child custody agreement if you need to move
  • File restraining orders against unsafe family members, if necessary
  • Assist you in securing outstanding child support payments
  • Defend you if you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence

We want to ensure that your voice as a father is heard. Contact Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers in Douglasville, GA, today at (470) 347-8261. We’re here to help you assert and protect your rights as a father every step of the way.

Why Choose Bardley Mcknight Law?

Fathers must fight to assert their parental rights. This is even more so in a society where mothers are often seen as the default parents. We believe that fathers have equal rights to their children. Our goal is to uphold those rights. Here’s how we can assist you:

Paternity Matters

Establishing paternity is often the first step in fathers’ rights cases. Whether you were married to the child’s mother or signed a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity Form, we will guide you through the process. If paternity confirmation through DNA testing is necessary, rest assured that we’ll be there to protect your rights.

Child Support

Child support can be a complex issue in fathers’ rights cases. We’ll assist you in understanding the child support rules in Georgia. This ensures that any responsibilities are determined fairly. If circumstances change, we can also help in modifying child support orders.

Divorce Rights

Even during a divorce, your rights as a father remain intact. We will ensure you continue enjoying parental rights throughout the divorce process. These rights include access to your child, involvement in their medical and educational decisions, and more.

Our dedicated attorneys will stand by your side to uphold these rights throughout your case.

Navigating Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes can be complex, both emotionally and legally. At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers, we understand the significance of preserving your role as a father in your child’s life. Our experienced family law attorneys are well-versed in navigating child custody matters in Douglasville and are dedicated to upholding fathers’ rights.

Why Child Custody Matters

Child custody decides where your child will live and who gets to make important decisions about their upbringing. It’s really important to create a custody plan that looks out for your rights and, most importantly, puts your child’s well-being first.

Our Approach

Our legal team sensitively approaches child custody cases and focuses on achieving the best possible outcome for you and your children. We advocate for your rights, whether seeking joint custody, sole custody, or any other arrangement that aligns with your child’s well-being.

We guide you through every step of the legal process, from filing petitions to attending court hearings. We work diligently to negotiate custody agreements that ensure you maintain a meaningful and active role in your child’s life.

Does Paternity Matter In Fathers’ Rights and Custody Cases?

Absolutely. A clear definition of paternity is crucial before asserting your rights as a father. In Georgia, paternity can be established through various means, including:

  • Being in a marriage or living together with the mother of the child during the time of conception
  • Signing a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity Form
  • Submitting DNA test results confirming a biological father-child relationship

If paternity is questioned, the other party may challenge it. Family law courts in Georgia must order genetic testing if requested by either party.

What Are a Father’s Rights in Georgia?

Georgia law recognizes that decisions affecting children should be made with their best interests in mind, and it’s typically in a child’s best interest to have shared time with both parents. As a father in Georgia, you have several rights protected by law, including:

  • The right to spend time with your children
  • The right to make decisions about their health, education, and well-being
  • The right to receive child support if you are the custodial parent
  • The right to file restraining orders for protection if necessary
  • The right to have paternity established by a family court in Douglasville,

If your rights are not respected or recognized, consult a father’s attorney in Douglasville, GA, to assert and protect your rights.

Fathers’ Rights and Child Support Requirements in Georgia

Both parents share the responsibility of caring for their children. When parents separate or divorce, child support determinations become essential. Fathers may have an obligation to pay child support if they have visitation rights and are not the custodial parent. 

Yet, child support must be calculated fairly. Fathers have the right to request adjustments if a significant change in circumstances affects their ability to pay. Fathers receiving child support also have the right to request modifications if there is a large change in their child’s needs. Modifications can also be justified if it is suspected the other parent has not disclosed necessary income information.

Our Douglasville fathers’ rights attorneys can help you seek fair support for your children and, if necessary, file motions to ensure payments are made.

Do Fathers Have Any Special Rights During a Divorce?

Until the divorce is finalized, both parents, including fathers, maintain the following rights:

  • Being present in their child’s life and spending time with them
  • Accessing their child’s medical records
  • Accessing their child’s school records
  • Making decisions related to their child’s healthcare and education
  • Having an equal say in their child’s activities and upbringing
  • Providing financial support for their child

Once the divorce is finalized, the child custody and support order terms become binding. Yet the agreements may still be modified.

Modifying Custody and Support Orders

Life circumstances can change, and custody and child support orders may need to be altered to reflect these changes. At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers, we understand that fathers in Douglasville may require modifications to these orders.

When Modifications Are Necessary

Life events, such as changes in income or relocations and alterations in your child’s needs, may necessitate modifications to custody and support orders. We’ll assist you throughout this process to uphold your legal rights. 

Making modifications to court orders requires adherence to a meticulous legal process. This process must be followed precisely to consider the desired changes properly. We are here to guide this process, offering our expertise to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Ensuring Fairness

Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that any modifications are fair and in the best interests of you and your child. We work diligently to achieve outcomes that reflect your current circumstances.

Protecting Fathers in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence accusations can impact fathers’ rights cases. The result may potentially limit your access to your children. At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers, our dedication lies in assisting fathers in Douglasville in safeguarding themselves against false accusations of domestic violence. We are committed to ensuring your rights are protected throughout this process.

False Domestic Violence Accusations

False domestic violence accusations can be used to gain an advantage in family law disputes. Our attorneys are experienced in defending fathers against baseless allegations.

Seeking Protection

Suppose you are a victim of domestic violence. In that case, our legal team can help you seek protection and take appropriate legal action to ensure the safety of yourself and your children.

Preserving Your Rights

Our primary goal is to protect your rights as a father while ensuring your family’s safety and well-being. We navigate the complexities of domestic violence cases with care and diligence.

Contact Bardley Mcknight Law Today To Schedule an Initial Consultation With an Experienced Douglasville Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Your next step is crucial in your journey to assert and protect your rights as a father. We invite you to contact Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation. Please note that our commitment to your case begins with this consultation.

During this consultation, we will delve into the specifics of your situation. This is the best way to understand your goals. After this, we can outline a tailored strategy to address your father’s rights issues. Our trusted Douglasville fathers’ rights lawyers will clarify legal processes and go over potential outcomes. You’ll know the steps we can take together to safeguard your rights and your relationship with your children.

At Bardley McKnight Law Divorce Lawyers, we understand your case’s significance. We are here to stand by your side, ensuring that your voice as a father is heard and respected. Contact our office today at (470) 347-8261 to get started.

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