When disputes arise regarding custody and child support, fathers often feel as though they are treated unfairly. There is no Georgia law that states the mother should have custody and there is no Georgia law that states the father should have custody, but the reality is fathers do have to fight much harder for joint custody or primary physical custody of their children.

Our experienced family attorneys will help even the playing field in contested child custody actions. With the right legal counsel, fathers can aggressively pursue shared custody or primary physical custody of your children they have worked so diligently to raise. Let a Douglasville father’s rights lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law advocate for you when your relationship with your children is on the line.

Father’s Rights During Divorce

It is important to remember during divorce proceedings that the law does not favor mothers over fathers. Unfortunately, there are instances where a judge is more inclined to give extra weight to a mother—especially when the father is not represented by legal counsel. A seasoned Douglasville father’s rights attorney will help you avoid these issues.

One of the most important rights related to married fathers is the presumption of paternity. When a child is born during the course of a marriage, the mother’s husband is presumed by law to be the father of the child. This allows the father to enforce his parental rights without the need to first establish paternity.

The father also has the right to seek custody or visitation with his child during divorce proceedings. This is due to something known as the “best interest of the child” standard. Under this standard, a judge will award child custody or support based on what is in the child’s best interests—even if it conflicts with the preferences of the parents. A skilled legal professional could help a father show the court that a continued relationship with  his child is what is best.

Establishing Your Legal Rights

When a man father’s a child out of wedlock, unfortunately, he does not have any legal rights whatsoever until he files a legitimation action. With a legitimation action, a father can establish his legal rights to his child, seek custody, and parenting time. A well-practiced father’s rights lawyer in Douglasville can assist with establishing your legal rights to your child.

Call a Douglasville Father’s Rights Attorney Right Away

Child custody cases do not always have to be a contentious affair. If you are a father, the right attorney could help you establish and enforce your rights as a parent without immediately engaging in contentious disputes with the other mother.

Your rights as a parent are important. Reach out to a Douglasville father’s rights lawyer at Bardley McKnight Law to learn more.