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Divorce Rates By Demographics in Georgia

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Divorce Rates By Demographics in Georgia

Over the last several years, divorces in Georgia have been increasing rapidly. But the rate of divorce isn’t equal across every group of people in the state. Looking at data that breaks down divorce rates by demographics in Georgia can provide insights into the factors that may impact the longevity of your marriage. 

Young Women Are More Likely To Get Divorced

Data shows that women are more likely to get divorced than men when they are younger than 34 years of age. In 2022 alone, over 3,000 women between the ages of 30 and 34 got divorced — the highest of any age or gender group. That trend flips over the age of 35, where men are more likely to divorce their partners than women. 

Higher Education Is Associated With Lower Divorce Rates

Individuals with a high school diploma have a divorce rate hovering just below 40%, but that rate drops to roughly 30% with some college or an associate’s degree. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher have an even lower rate of divorce at just over 25%, indicating that higher education correlates with fewer separations. 

Divorce Rates By Race

In 2018, nearly all racial-ethnic groups had fewer divorces than marriages, with the exception of African American women, who were separating at a faster rate. That said, black women still had the lowest divorce rate of all groups. Asian, Native American, and multiracial individuals had the highest rate, followed by white women. 

How Long Do Marriages Last in Georgia?

The median duration of a marriage in Georgia is about 18.8 years, though most people are under 30 by the time they separate for the first time. Second or third marriages are also more likely to end in divorce than first-time unions. 

What Other Factors Can Contribute To Divorce?

While statistics can paint a picture of which factors can contribute to a lasting marriage, hard data isn’t the only factor to consider when looking at the likelihood of long-term success. In Georgia, there are a few common reasons that couples cite when they’re considering divorce. 


Extramarital affairs are a leading cause of divorces across the country. Many cases of infidelity occur when couples are separated for travel, work, or other reasons. They can also happen because of communication breakdowns or a general lack of compatibility.

Financial Stress

Financial complications can take a toll on anyone, but these problems often feel even more severe when trying to care for children or a partner. Massive amounts of debt, sudden job loss, or an inability to earn an income due to health complications are some of the most common reasons financial stress can grow in a marriage. 

Arguing or Conflict

Regardless of whether arguments are relatively civil and don’t involve serious issues like domestic violence, frequent disagreements or conflicts can easily wear a couple down. General incompatibility or disputes over everyday life issues is another major factor in many divorces across the country. 

Working With a Georgia Divorce Attorney

Even if you fall into a category with a statistically higher rate of divorce, your marriage can still be fulfilling and successful. Understanding the factors that contribute to separations is helpful for addressing and mitigating challenges before they take over your and your partner’s lives. 

However, if your marriage is suffering and you think it may be time for divorce, it’s best to contact an attorney for assistance. Separations are difficult, emotionally draining, and legally complex. From serving papers to helping you maintain custody or property rights, divorce lawyers are here to help you through each step.

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