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How Separate Maintenance Works in Georgia

Strictly speaking, Georgia does not offer a formal legal status called “separation,” notwithstanding the fact that many Georgia couples are, in fact, separated.  What Georgia does offer, however, is a legal action it calls “separate maintenance,” which is essentially the same as a legal separation. What Is Separate Maintenance? Separate maintenance can resolve the following […]


Does Georgia Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Marriage is one of the few institutions that has been around longer than courts have. In ancient times, marrying couples couldn’t simply go to the courthouse and sign a marriage certificate. In other words, back in those days, all marriages were common law marriages. Believe it or not, a few common law marriages still exist […]


How Does Service of Process Work?

When you file a lawsuit in Georgia, you must serve a copy of the lawsuit on the opposing party. This rule applies to all lawsuits, including divorces and other family law matters.  Georgia Code §9-11-4 governs the service of lawsuits. The law allows for several methods of service, including service by: Using a process server […]

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